Missing runes and unable to purchase

Hi guys…Please let me explain what happened…so yesterday I opened a key chest and it was the hard one.Ive made the quest for the keys,opened it and I got like 80 runes.Everything seemed normal until I checked the game tomorrow.At fisrt I didn’t notice that my runes were gone so I continued playing.Time passed and I still haven’t noticed.Some time later I noticed it.My runes were 1410.These were the runes I got when there was a "gift"for liking the game in Instagram or facebook(can’t remember).You know that when I opened the chest my runes were 1490,almost 1500.I didn’t know what made it to occur like that so suddenly.After that for some reason I accidentally clicked to buy runes but it said that I wasn’t connected with Google account,which was completely false because I’m always playing with my Google account. Take a look belowScreenshot_20190612-134732_Titan%20Uprising Screenshot_20190612-134724_Titan%20Uprising I really dont know what caused it to be like this but I really hope they fix it I was just saving my runes and that happened…any help is appreciated…

Hey Tootie_lover, if you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, our team could take a closer look to see what might have happened. Also, try re-adding your Google account in your Google Play store and see that helps with the purchasing error.

Thank you Ned I fixed the purchasing error seemed something was off with my connection…Hope you can fix the other part!

I’m glad to hear that! Our team will be sure to try and assist you with your other question.

Okay then!Thanks again!

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