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Missing Runes

So I logged in yesterday to my game to have around 1514 Runes. Did some quests, trained some dragons, quit the game.

An hour later I returned to discover I only had 514 Runes left, and today I logged in to discover I only had 482!

I only used about 48 Runes yesterday to speed up a breeding. I did not draft any dragons or do anything, besides speeding up to use my runes.

I have Not received any notification of any unknown devices logging into my Facebook, but even still changed my password between yesterday and today.

I sent in a support ticket yesterday and have not heard back yet. Very Disappointed. I understand support is busy, but at least give me a heads up that you’re looking into this issue.

I am very displeased.

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One straight thousand gone? You sure you haven’t drafted 10+1 basic draft by accident? A lot of people have done it…

Nope. I’m very positive I did not draft. I’m extremely careful about this.
I had a free draft I won and used that.
That was all. I have no extra dragons besides the ones I’ve gotten from free drafts or eggs.

And as if today I’ve lost 1100 runes. When I made my first post I mentioned after logging back in later today I’d lost an additional 100. (So 1100 total)

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Hey DragonLover365, our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account to see what might have happened to your Runes. Could you email our support team here at with your support key? Thanks!


Thanks! I will send an email for sure

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@Wirxaw 10+1 costs 4000

Not for basic draft, that is 1000

Yeah, in hindsight you’re right… I just checked.

Either way, I didn’t use a draft.
I am extremely careful about it. I quit the game right after I’d earned a Free one that I didn’t even use right away.

I’ve contacted support in their email about it. It’s up to them now :slight_smile:

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