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Missing Sanctuaries Available to alliance

Some Sanctuaries are not showing up on the list of shared sanctuaries available to our alliance. This is preventing us from being able to get higher then a level 6 or 7.

I have screenshot of our current list, & a screenshot of a sanctuary I currently have 3 dinosaurs in that is a level 7, but is not showing up on the current available list.

This has been occurring since the sanctuaries were inteoduced.

What type of device are you using: Samsung Note10

Are there any open slots in the lvl 7 that you have dinos in? Can you add another dino to it, and if you do, does it show back up in your alliance shared list?

Yes, I added another Dino and it is back on the list again.

Hey Missy12080, it might have expired from your list of Shared Sanctuaries. However, placing new dinos into the Sanctuary would allow it to be shared in the Alliance again.

Cool! Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, it had just expired from the list. Unless there is another bug at work. I apologize if you know all this already, but when you place a dino the sanctuary is shared with your alliance for 24h. This timer resets back to 24h every time a new dino is placed. But each dino stays in the sanctuary for 48h. So say you fill all the slots so you can’t place a new one and reshare it before 24h is up, or do have open slots but don’t place another dino - then it will expire from the shared list. Luckily you can reshare it like you just did, if you have dinos in and can access it through them in order to place another. A good strategy is to make sure you stagger dino placement so you always have a free slot for reshare before 24h is up, or a dino expiring before 24h so you can refill that slot and reshare. Hope this helps!


It does, thank you! I thought the sanctuary would show up in the list as long as it hasn’t completely reset back to level 1 as long as there were any dinosaurs in it. So they expire and I just need to add another one to it to get it to show back up again. Ok, cool. Thank you!

Yup :slight_smile: Just keep an eye on the timer and add dinos to reshare at intervals and you’ll be good! Then your alliance can work on getting it leveled even higher.

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