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Missing some boosts

I noticed that there is a glitch that occasionally double-charges you for stat boosts when boosting a dino. I got double-charged on levels 3 and 5 when boosting my Tryostronix’s health, levels 2 and 4 when boosting my Trykosaurus’s attack, levels 2 and 3 when boosting my Trykosaurus’s speed, and level 2 when boosting my Stygidaryx’s speed, for a total of 40 health boosts, 20 attack boosts, and 16 speed boosts missing from my account. Who do I contact about these boosts? I’m hoping to get them back before the boost reset because that may affect the value of boosts. For the record, my account is Alduin #1277.
UPDATE: Checked some calculations and realized I was missing 4 more health boosts from either Indoraptor or Erlikospyx (not sure).

Hey Alduin, as the Boosts Tiers goes up, it’ll require more Stat Boosts Points per level.

However, if you believe that there was an issue, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look? If you could include the date and time of when you applied the Stat Boosts on your dinos, it would be really helpful.


Thank you!
I am aware of the way stat boosts work, it’s just that I’ve sometimes been charged say 8 boost points for T2 or 32 points for T4, ergo double-charging. I’ve included all the information you mentioned in a team to that email address in the hope that this can be resolved. Thanks again!

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