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Mission Bug

I’ve been stuck on this mission for a few months, and as you can see I definitely have got enough buildings on isle sorna.
Support has been largely unhelpful, saying they cannot fix it, cannot manually complete it (which I find hard to believe), and have passed it on, so I will hopefully see it in future updates.
A few updates have come and there was nothing relating to this bug.
Bringing it here to see if anyone else has encountered it, and bring it to the attention of the mods here. @Ned

It has definitely dampened my wanting to play as one of my goals was to complete the missions.
Combine that with another goal being to unlock all the dinos which doesn’t seem like Ludia will do, and the fact that I’m was in the one time zone where for half the year the hatchery discount and all the DNA discounts are between midnight and 6am it has not made me want to invest more time or money playing.

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Did you try buying and placing new buildings or did you move pre-existing buildings? This Mission has been there since the Mission Expansions, and I don’t remember a bunch of issues

Do you but new buidling

I’ve tried everything with support already, taking the buildings off and on, new buildings, moving them to main island and back… it refuses to complete.
I’m posting this as a last resort


Don’t complete it u are max level. Worry about it when there is a new level cap

So, going back through old threads, it turns out there was some frustration with this issue and Support’s handling of it. @Mary_Jo reported that this is actually a “Buy and Place” Mission. So, new buildings must be purchased, placed, and completed on Isla Sorna.

I would remove all buildings currently on Isla Sorna, selling off any ACU Security Towers. Then, buy and place 10 new ACU Security Towers, speed them up, and activate them.


Thanks Andy,
That actually did work. I tested and I needed to remove all the buildings first and then build the new ones. Decorations were okay to still be there.
I really wish support would keep track of these issues otherwise they could have told me months ago the workaround!
Appreciate the digging around for the solution.