Mission: hatch all creature cards

I have gotten my creatures waiting to be hatched down from 115 to a measly 34.

It’s taken me months and I can’t get into the 20s for the life of me

Does anyone want to join me in getting rid of the backlog? I think Sion was recently at 0 - fancy pants

Mine built up before I realised that 10k loyalty packs were better value than prize drops about 18 months ago. I started getting the 6 hour hatchers but had a good 50 7 day hatchers - the same cards for all that time

Now I feel I’m in a steady place for many events I can stop buying as many 6-7000 dna costing creatures…I’m saving dna for only buying expensive hybrids so am only buying one or two a week which gives me a vacant slot for a backlog card plus the free hatching slot

How many have you got waiting?

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More than 60 on my side, 45 tourneys and more than 20 legendary hybrids. Like you I’m facing months of hatching to bring them to zero, but I’m determined to prevail.

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Only 55 which includes commons and rares which will get traded for whatever gets offered eg food. I need my super rares and above. I did recently spend a lot of bucks on hatching speed ups.

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I decided to sell/trade everything after I got two level 40s of everything super rare and below. I keep my first hatch slot open for things that I have not been offered any trade for and sell them before even placing them into the park (except for 6 hour VIPs). My hatchery has been more or less current for several months. I hatch 3-7 legendary+ creatures a week. As soon as I get two level 40s of those, I sell whatever else I get. Each to their own, but I have no shortage of dinosaurs ever for any match and it has enabled me to stockpile DNA.

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I’m only trading creature cards for DNA or bucks.

Not trading any tournament creatures, but legendaries and below are fair game especially if they aren’t hybrid makers.

I’m also not trading aquatics or cenozoic creatures as I could do with adding volume in those categories

20 legendary hybrids!! That’s a lot of 7 day hatchers

Are you still buying creatures?

I could do with reefs but am refusing to buy anything unless it’s segnosuchus or metriaphodon until my waiting list is under 10

It stresses me out having all these I hatched cards!!!

Hatching speed ups are expeeeeeensive. I got overexcited last week and spent 4500 on speeding up 3 and then got a cenozoic trade for 11,000 and now I have no money :woman_facepalming:

Feels good to speed hatching though. It really does :joy:

You need to be my life coach.


I currently have 134 creatures potentially waiting to hatch.


My oh my oh my … :no_mouth: (speechless)


Not far off where I started. You gonna?


How’d you get yourself into that mess

I dare you to get down to…say…600??


Freemium games play off the completionist desire. They purposely make it impossible to unlock everything without spending money (or at least very difficult).

I’ll just play along at my own pace and enjoy the ride. I already made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. No need to rush anything else. :wink:


Maybe they run off anxiety. Which might be what completionist desire runs off.


I’ve been working on this myself.

The only commons I have left to hatch are ones with completely full paddocks 9x lvl 40, 1x each a 30, 20, and 10. I save these ones for their instant speed up ability for daily missions.

I’m down to about 5 super rare aquatics.

The plus side is my coin accumulation rate is stupid.


Nah. Dinos don’t pay rent. Plus, they’re tradable at the harbor. Doesn’t bother me much or even at all, really.


I trade the spares but it totally bothers me having them cluttering things up

Potato you are way ahead of my stage - but I keep a few commons for speed up missions too, sometimes I have a level 10 common fight just to speed up their cool downs for the same mission. I’m so impatient about it

@NatoPMT, for the amount of time it takes to do a low level dino battle for the speed up, just buy and sell a couple ACU towers. 2,500 coins with immediate free speed up with a small building footprint.


I’m not buying any creatures at the moment.
There was a time some weeks ago where there was a special discount for all creatures…30% or more…I don’t remember exactly.
I used the opportunity to reduce my incredible high amount of DNA and bought one of every available hybrid.
What I wrote yesterday was a rough assumption. I checked it again and there are ‘only’ 14 left.
Having dinos waiting to be hatched stresses me too, don’t ask me why I bought so many when I had the opportunity.


I wouldn’t be able to resist 30% off either!!

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