Mission help.....and knowing future mission not to mess up

Yep u all heard me
Can u send me a thread regarding all the missions currently in Jurassic world after like 1


Thanks a lot
But i think its old
Missions have changed for now
That’s why I’m asking the new ones

The Spreadsheet has all of the Missions listed. They are as up-to-date as we came make it. If you notice that a Mission has changed, please post screenshots of the new Missions so that we can update them


I should have taken screenshot but a mission in episode 39 requires only 10 carnivores at lv30 instead of 27 mentioned in the spreadsheet.

There is one
Have 25 amphibians
Along with collection of 2.5 million coins from amphibians

Please include screenshots

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Is that for the mission list or the data sheet

Based on the screenshots posted here on the forum, we will adjust the Spreadsheet. But we need screenshots to verify the changes

Episode 40 mission 2 i think . Spreadsheet have 29 required which is reduced.
There’s also a similar mission in episode 39 requiring 27 lv30 carnivore. I think this screenshot should warrant to change that one too.

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Will help out if possible but it’s gonna take 10 millenia to "collect 5mill in coins from buildings. Jw buildings absolutely SUCK

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I remember that mission well. If you have a coin trap and a lot of patience, you could drag buildings into the trap and collect for more money that way.


I have some. I actually forgot that I could do that. Thanks mate

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