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Mission impossible episode

Dear ludia , please explain how you want me to win this battle ??? This battle comes every week and always same super rare only - mission impossible!!!


You need to beef up your super rare hybrid Carnivores.

Also this event today went into the old boss rhythm a couple of times on me today.

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It’s hitting off of those level 20 super-hybrids

Really, so at the moment “much maker” thinks that my carnivores are on low level so I have to improve it than the battle would be earthier??? What a nonsense!!!

@Andy_wan_kenobi is correct in that the event sees your lvl 20 monostegotops and spinotasuchus and is basing your difficulty off of those, your issue is you only have the one carnivore that is up to the task, since there is no amphibian Super Rare hybrid the best you can do is build up your SR carnivore hybrids:


This event is indeed hard, but I don’t think it’s nonsense. In my opinion it is good that the game offers challenges to us where we need to adjust our lineup accordingly.
Otherwise it would be only collecting, evolving and fighting without any strategy what needs to be done to be successful.
I personally managed to win this event in the last few weeks, but it is always narrow. So I’m trying to improve my lineup of super rare carnivores selective to be on the safe side in the near future.


There is no point to improve line up , not all , as stronger dinosaurs you as stronger opponents match maker will trough against you in battle

Your top two creatures are so much higher than what comes below. Also, the match is based off of your top 3 creatures only, so improving your bench will not have much or any effect on the matchup, provided you don’t get higher than level 20 on the super-hybrids. Get those other carnivores hybrids (Spinoraptor, Metrialong, Supranotitan) up to level 40 (maybe level 30 would do, maybe not). Hatch another Spinotasuchus if you can.

As for strategy, try using a meat shield, a hard hitting carnivore (currently only Spinotasuchus fits that bill), and a throwaway that can take at least one hit.


Got the same issue. Ive been avoiding for days to go through this fight but it pops up the same in every dino bucks battles since i skip it the first time. So i though the game just wants me to go through, so i did yesterday or past yesterday.
After many tries, i had to put my 2 monostegotops lvl 20 at the front ans as my 3rd dino, my best carnivore available on the stage, a lvl 40 metralong

Also, i had to spend bucks to overtake the cooldowns, twice in less than 24 hours for all the 3 dinos. All of this for a poor reward.

I just hope the next dinobuck fight comes different.

I’m afraid it won’t. To succeed in this event you need one dino as meat shield to build up 4 reserves (Monostegotops higher than lvl 20 or lvl 40 Kaprosuchus).
If you manage to have 8 action points you need 2 strong super rare carnivores and some luck.
To succeed without investing dinobucks you need 3 meat shields and 6 carnivores.