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Mission impossible tower


It’s the most difficult stroke tower ever no doubt. Because there ain’t any! Where are they??

Saw one, which later disappeared.


I can usually see two or three around here, but today I can only see one far away…


I can’t see them too


i’d dart the kapro before i stroked that tower.
they are out there. i had to drive a bit to find one.


I don’t see any Tower too…I walked like 1h outside but nothing…


I don’t see one either. I have seen 20+ towers now, and none of them is the epic one. Since I have heard of several people this is happening to I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It must be a bug.


I can see three sitting at my desk.


Allmost 2h walking and still no Tower…this is just a thing to slow down ppl…“hey it’s Christmas soon here 3 epic towers“ but you don’t find one and next day strike is gone…
i know my English is bad


Game is about travelling places!?


Do you have access to a car? Supermarkets are where I find many towers.


Yeah I agree this time the towers were barely seen. I had to travel with the bus to the nearest tower and drove like 7 minutes. But at least I won it. Even tho it‘s been a close one.


It happens many time to me that I don’t see at least one epic tower around me, found one but needed to drive few minutes until I saw one… they definitely need to improve the distribution of those strike tower or make them disappeared or replace by a strike we didn’t do yet

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Would you consider this a harder event that the previous strike with 3 raptors? Thanks team


Ok I found one, there’s no bug tangled with this issue. Keep seeking and you will embrace the desert rose, when the rose is in yellow…


I few weeks ago i needed to drive 15km to find one :roll_eyes:


No, it’s only difficult (impossible) because he can’t find the tower not because of the Dino’s inside it.

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Totally didn’t realize there was an Epic Strike today…Glad I logged into the forum today, LOL!

I can see at least 3 Epic Strike Towers in my vicinity, so I’ll probably give it a go early tomorrow.


Not sure what time it is there but for me, tomorrow will be too late.