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Mission perfect 10

I tried much to unlock the mission perfect 10… you need to get player level 10 and i’m already level 15… but i still haven’t unlock the mission. Someone in my allancie Said i need to get 10 direct hits… tried that to but nope i still didn’t unlock the mission… can someone help me with it please?

id you look at your achievement list, the ones that are the closest to completion are at the top. However, there are usually a few that sit at the top of those ones even if they haven’t been worked on. Those are prerequisite achievements for unlocking the next rank. (player level x) Those need to be completed before the next “reach player level” achievement can be unlocked.

This site will show you all available achievements and you can search up which ones you need to do to move onto the next ones.


So you newd first complete those another missions? Thanks for the help

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exactly, you have to complete a certain mission(s) to get to the next player lvl

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Ok thank you both !!

I also just find out that if you click on a mission what you need to find out lile epic dna getting ( epic cache) if you click on the black bar then you can find what that mission je… lol so much useful…! Thank you for this also Qiew! :slight_smile: