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Mission steady hands

The mission steady hands is really hard… tried it much times already but still nope… does anyone know how i maybe be alle to get the 6 direct hits to complete the mission? Thanks already for response

Is this a mission where you are required to get 6 direct hits on an epic? if so, I might suggest creatures like the epic deer, skoola, megisto, or maybe even anky, those are easy to try and get 6 dh on, and they also may work for the 8 direct hits on an epic


Alright thank you

raptors are the easy one for me

Nice how do you do that?

Tried to get a anklyosaurus with the scent of them… but nope! Im so dissapoint now

This weekend has Antarctopelta and Eucladoceros on event drops so you might get a good chance on those.

Forget about the fact you only have 6 chances, because if you have the time and patience then when you are darting, if it goes really bad or you know you clearly are not going to get 6 direct hits then before the timers gets to 0 then hard-close the game, basically exit out of the game. Re-load the game and try again. Keep trying it until you either get 6 direct hits or give up with frustration.

But those two creatures are your best bet this weekend and don’t have to rely on scents to get them.


Thank you for the info I will try it!

Just messed up two times… i feel so angry now… i hope they will make it some easier again like 4 direct hits… 6 is just to much for me… or i need months or someting to complete but i dont wanna wait any mich longer… now i have changes…

Wait til yo u have to get 8 direct hits on an epic lol
And I think they are doable, even the 8 dh one, it may just take time, practice, and the right creature with full battery for the best luck and time.

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Thank you for the rip

Tip i meant

Damm messed up my changes now… need to spare for epic scents now… just gonna try to buy some them… but i font have much cash now… i think ~ 200 now…

I just tried 2 times your idea… also too dificult it’s no fun more…