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Mission Strange Animal

Hi! I’m stuck at a Vic Hoskins mission called Strange Animal. I’m playing the game in Portuguese (Brazil) and I’m not sure if it’s a translation problem, but the mission says that I must have a 31+ dino which I already have. Does it need to be a specific type or hibrid?

Hello @xanxao, for me this is a long time ago, I can’t remember.

Take a look here, maybe there is some useful information

Just a guess, maybe the mission is not to already have a dino 31+, but to evolve a dino to 31+.

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I thought that too! So evolved another Triceratops to level 40 and still didn’t got the mission concluded.
I wonder if it has to be a new species that I haven’t evolved before to 31+, cause I have around 20 dinosaur at level 40.

I hope that there is someone with a better memorization as I have to help you.

Screen shot the mission screen for us please.

That’s what I would try doing, starting one from scratch, based on the description being to “Level up a dinosaur to Level 31”. Because usually they just have “Have x Number of Dinosaurs at Level 31” when the only thing that matters is the dinosaur being at that level. The leveling up being unique in the way this was is described.

Thanks for finding that Wiki page, @Tommi - I was trying to find one on the missions so I could hopefully look ahead at the ones I have left and maybe get a headstart on some of them. Right now I’m stuck on one that requires collecting coins from the Blimp ride, and since I only had one built, even with putting all my best decorations around it to get it up to 250%, it was going to take me almost a week to finish it so decided to add another, but that alone is taking almost a whole day itself! Uggh. Also had to have SEVEN Majungasaurus at Level 11+ so had to burn through way too much DNA to get that one done, didn’t want to wait for the discount to roll around again, so a heads-up that it was coming sure would have been nice!

There’s actually a page on the Wiki that is really nicely laid out with all the Mission Info, but sadly goes only through Episode 10. If we could find a beginner player that might be willing to screenshot their missions, I would love to get that page updated with the rest of them (I’ve been doing lots of other smaller edits on the wiki already). I can start doing mine, but I’m so much further along I only have about 10 or so left to go.

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I do not pay too much attention on the missions. I never buy any dino only to finish them. Actually my mission requires to feed a Stegoceratops and I am waiting until I get one, even if it takes months.
I am a level 75 for a long time and there are still missions left for me to complete, but I don’t really care. The benefit for a completed mission is way too low once you’ve reached the highest level.

LOL, I guess I have a touch of OCD, as they drive me crazy sitting there and not getting them completed ASAP. :wink: And I’m still at a level where the experience points help so that I can get the next park expansion and battle level unlocked. I’ve been thinking about starting to work on that Stegoceratops myself… those are my two all-time favorite dinosaurs (I make an amazing origami Stegy!) but he was pretty expensive to create so yeah I might get stuck when I get to that one for awhile as well too!

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Once you have more than enough coins in your park you can start to buy and sell Hammond statues only for getting XP points. It is what I did to reach level 75 much faster.
Just to satisfy my curiosity: What is OCD?

I’ve started buying those to replace the other decorations, but not enough to help much with XP.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I have Aspergers, and a lot of the traits that go with that are somewhat similar.

When I reached that point of having far more coins than I could spent I started to buy and sell Hammonds on a regular basis, sometimes up to 100 per day. This has quite an affect on the XPs.
I don’t give you a like on your last post because I do not want to appear that I like that you have this condition, but I appreciate your honesty.

@Tommi I did this as well. I basically turned my park into a coin factory. I started off with Power Generators and Triceratops Statues in the early stages…mid stage I went for Maintenance Facilities…then I switched over to Horizon Observatories and John Hammond Statues. Later in the game, I focused solely on developing my dinos and getting everything atleast +150 percentage.

I got to level 75 a few months before I finished my missions. There were a few ridiculous missions to get hung up on…but you get through it eventually.


My problem with the actual mission is that I already possess a level 40 Stegoceratops and I am not willing to spend DNA for another one only for this mission. Since in my park Stegosaurus are very rare in card packs it is going to take quite a while before I will be able to hatch another one.
But you are right, the day will come.


Okay so here’s something that confuses me with the buildings. When I look at what they earn on an hourly rate, it seems like the best one is the very cheapest. The ACU Security Office is 100/5 min which is 1200/hour. Power Generators are 780/hour. And seems like almost everything else is not as good per hour… and often take up MORE space as well. The Observatory is 15120/18 hour which is only 840/hour. And it’s MUCH bigger. Why do they cost so much more, when they generate LESS per hour and take up MORE space? Am I missing something here?

But yeah, I’ve definitely been switching lots of my decorations over to Hammonds as I go. I might not have my park arranged to best maximize coin production, but have everything lined up by rarity level so that it’s just easier for me to find stuff. I do often look at where I have the highest percentages and make sure to move my highest earners there.

Oh the mission is to level up a NEW one @Tommi? Oh yeah, that’s not fun. See, that’s really good to know ahead of time! I’ll definitely hold off on making one until I get to that mission. You are right that those are very rare in card packs, I had to purchase most of the ones I used to make my level 40 stego. The super-rares in general (other than aquatics) are the hardest to get in the game it seems to me.

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@Mary_Jo You’re absolutely right! The thing to consider is…how often do you actually log in and play the game?

If you’re logging in once or twice a day with a lot of time in between then you might as well choose something that maxes out after a long period of time…like a maintenance facility or something.

If you play often then you would choose a building that earns a lot in a short period of time.

When you go to bed for the night…If you choose an ACU Office then you will only earn 100 coins.
But if you choose a Horizon Observatory then you will earn wayyy more when you’re sleeping. Probably the equivalent of hundreds of ACU offices.

When I first started playing this game…I don’t think revenue towers were a thing. The beacon certainly didn’t exist…so you literally had to click every building. It was a pain and it definitely factored into my decision on which buildings to choose!


So do you mean that the towers get to 100 after 5 minutes and then stops until you collect it? Well that certainly would make a big difference in how to select what to build! It’s stuff like this that the game is NOT good at explaining!

Due to my sleep issues, I’m up almost every couple hours during the night and often pop open the game to refresh my food factory, likewise being able to log on regularly during the day, so I definitely can get away with having something that maxes out in a relatively short amount of time. But definitely not as often as every 5 minutes. :slight_smile:

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Looks like there really isn’t anything even with shorter times more around the 3-4 hour range that can meet the 840/hour the observatory gives (the VIP solar greenhouse gives you the same with a 12 hour max and smaller footprint, but can’t outright buy those). I guess I need to get to work replacing the buildings I have, although I do keep getting missions specific for certain ones so will have to wait to replace them all.

The ACU security office is the best but yes after 5 minutes it is capped which is why you see the coins floating over them. Any building or enclosure that you see with the coin over them has capped out its earnings and needs to be collected in order to generate any more coins. I had a post somewhere on the forums where I detailed out my layout in the park which takes advantage of all usable space, the revenue towers, the badge beacon, and the maximum amount of paddocks. If you can’t find it let me know and I can do some updated pictures of my park as I have continued to replace decorations with Clock Towers.


I think I get more than 99% of my coins from dinos. Buildings don’t really contribute a significant amount to my earnings. I only have one of every kind to have a look at them from time to time but they are needless for my progress in the game.