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Mission tentorex

This is exactly like @Jurassic_Fury ‘s project dio and project Thor.

The only problem is I will run out of coins so does anyone have ways to get a lot of them?

Anyway here is my current status


Battles, supply drops, and donating give a good amount of coins. You should be able to squeeze out around 20k per day from supply drops alone. Plus with today’s Kentrosaurus strike being somewhat easy, you might be able to milk that too.


Do you have a strategy for the kentrosaurus strike?

Tyrannoplosaur is lvl 17 and tentorex is level 14 this cost me 35 thousand coins

I can try to help. What are your creatures?

I see you went with my suggestion, also you already got a good start

I am also going for tenrex. In the AC I got up to 220/250 and have 200 tyrannolopho DNA at lvl 20 so tyrannolopho is ready. Tenotosaurus is lvl 18, halfway to 19. Good luck to you

I have all commons rares and almost all epics

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It would take 550 tyrannolophosaur dna for level 20

How meta is tentorex?

well im doing the same thing but in the opposite way backwards

Middle of the month there’s always a sale on gold, 375k for 4,500 hard cash. But then you’ve less cash to spend on boosts. Gotta weigh the pro/cons.

I don’t really use boosts and have no other use for cash

What is that supposed to mean?

teneto is good in raid and in pvp .its pretty strong in the damage output department and its health is decent , investment in it is worth it

Good to know thank you

Got this from arena , it’ll be a nice boost in coins for me




How can I get tentorex dan quickly? That’s the only thing holding me back

Same. Requesting it is a slow way, the way I chose or pray it comes in a special event.