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Missions 33 to 36?

Firstly great spreadsheet and info for us relative newbies but I’m really struggling to locate missions 33 - 36 which are omitted in your story missions tab of the brilliant Dino spreadsheet. I’ve read about holding onto my Level 40 stegosaurus so wanted to establish what are the most tricky bits to complete in these ones. Are you able to assist or provide an active link per chance?

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You can create a thread about this in the Jurassic World the Game category on the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought I had! Do you have a link? I’m not that technical!!!

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We have not gotten those Missions entered. They are coming, however.

What we do have are threads collecting that data

Episode 33

Episode 34

Episode 35

Episode 36


So there are some gaps on the Spreadsheet

Episode 32 needs to be finished
Episodes 33-36
Episode 45 needs to be finished
Episodes 46-51
Episodes 52-54 need to be finished

Anyone that wants to contribute, if you have access get to it; if you need access, talk to @Mary_Jo .

Links to all of the Mission Threads (current when posted) can all be found on this thread beginning here

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