Missions — expanding park

Not sure how to explain this, but I’ll do my best. I’m on level 85 BUT I hadn’t caught up to level 85 on the Missions and XP. Now I have no missions and I have to pay $200 Dino Bucks per expansion on Isla Sorna. Did anyone else experience this? TIA

Yes, there is some discussion on this somewhere in this forum.

Basically you can buy 5(?) additional slots past your park level at 200 dino bucks each. So I believe you’d then have to gain five more levels before having expansion areas opened again for coin purchases. It’s been a while so my memory may be fuzzy.

@Sionsith, were you the one communicating this a while back?

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Try this thread, beginning about post 194

The long and short of it is, if you want to every buy expansions for coins, quit paying Dinobucks for expansions. Your park level has to catch up to your park size


Thank you, now it makes sense.

Thank you!

Yup it was me, information should be in that thread but the long and short of it is you are only allowed 5 spots below your park level without spending DB. If you exceed that limit by paying DB to clear land, your park level has to catch up to that limit again before you can purchase expansions for coin. The second island is where this imbalance has been introduced as the main island does not have enough spaces to cause this issue since your park level exceeded the number of spaces on that island. When the second island was introduced and they have allowed more spaces to be cleared than your max park level -5. I got caught up to the limit and have since not cleared any additional park spaces although they are available to for the 200 DB cost.


Thank you Sionsith!