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Missions for small alliances

I was wondering if anyone else has this issue : I find it so frustrating when my small team puts the time in and does all the missions fairly quickly only to get stuck at 30 daily battle incubators - it is impossible to pass this one mission if u have under 30 people in your alliance since we r only allowed 1/day - it’s too bad we could couldn’t have an extra mission we could swap out or something , not sure if there is a solution - was anyone else dealing with this or maybe I’m not understanding something lol !


Getting more members would be one solution.


It’s a challenge, getting everyone on board to do 2000 battles can need reminders


How many members do you have? It will require multiple days to do such mission but with organization you will do it. Last level mission will be harder indeed (2k battles for example)

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I have 8 now so things r definitely looking up but I was at low numbers for a long time and I was always getting stuck on this one mission when we could have continued doing the next set

Our alliance has all 50 spots taken up and we still stall at this one.

Then again, I would say half of our members are clearly not playing anymore, but our leader doesn’t seem to be interested in kicking them out.

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Yes for sure & I’m up for the challenge but when I don’t have the people it is impossible to get 30 in order to continue but I’m starting to get more members now so hopefully lol !

Ya and I do suppose u would run into the same problem even with a big alliance if everyone doesn’t do it daily

Planning ahead helps. You can have two daily incubators ready to open. Do not open the one for Saturday or Sunday and open them on Monday. If you plan it with your other members you can open them after the other missions are complete and the extra ones will roll over into the next Rank. It will give you a head start on that particular mission.

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Thanks that’s a great idea - and I sorta thought of that but didn’t have enough members but I probably would now tho - thx so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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