Missions, Special Arenas, Raids


Would be a fun added feature to build a special team or use specific dinos to complete temporary/rotating objectives or missions.

Like a raptors vs indominus rex mode, wherein you put your best raptors against a high powered indominus. Various difficulty levels, I-Rex would be lvl 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. And the further your team of raptors can get the more loot you get.

A T-Rex eats everything mode wherein you play your T-Rex and fight an increasingly difficult roster of small dinosaurs. (Doesn’t have to always be T-Rex, but definitely needs to be a carnivore) Loot varies with how much Trex eats.

Other types of “Raids” where you build a team to fight a specific beefed up dino. Team composition matters more than level, so make our dinos all the same level. Make it about countering and team management.

Other ideas:

Hybrids VS Dinos Used to make Hybrids arena - loot is DNA of hybrids and dinos used to make, varies depending on how well you do.

Same level arena - Call it Tournament Arena or something. All players can fight each other, NO BOTS, no separate arenas! Any dino, all the same level. Only way to win is with better team comp and strategy. Resets every week/month. Loot based on how well you do.

Build a dino arena mode - you assign everyone 8 dinos, we choose one of 3 randomly generated abilities to replace one of the non-basic abilities assigned to each of those dinos. Winner moves on, loser creates another team, hopefully with better abilities. Loot based on your longest win streak.

Draft Arena - all dinos same level so all players can fight each other like tournament mode. Players take turns picking dinos, once picked, other player can’t pick that one. Player who chose dino second gets to act first. Rosters based on dinos in personal inventory. Loot based on how well you do.

Feel free to add more mission/arena/raid ideas if you have some.


These actually. Good. Ideas


I love the draft arena mode!


Ive been saying we need more game modes for a while i run out of stuff to do after arena incubators are full. Special events or a friendly arena mode would be awesome for farming gold and practicing for standard arena or cross platforming with other Ludia JW games


Very nice ideas. But will they implement?


Raids would be fun, as of now this game is only more or less solo play which can get boring… team up with others to defeat a monster dino would be fun.


All very interesting ideas. I would add a pvp possibility with your friends.


Good ideas but it the draft arena is you know nah its very similair to draft mode from clash royale and since cr is dying it will do anything to get players back and get attention so if jwa gets draft, cr will sue them to get attention hoping to get the players back


I would love to see a co-op battle mode sure, sort of like the raids of pokemon go that u can try to capture the dino you fighted with others but then not walking to it since i live in a village where almost nobody plays it, so more like an online thing