My husband and I play avidly and we have come across a small thing that mildly bugs us. When trying to complete missions, event strike battles work towards missions but the incubators collected do not. The other day he had to open 10 incubators but could only open 6 because the ones he won in battles we’re all 3hr or 8hr incubators. We play but can’t afford to pay for cash to pay for incubators to complete missions. It would be nice if the incubators you win during strike events went towards the missions too, so that they could be completed.


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I read in another thread that this is a “known bug.”

But I’m in agreement, it sucks, especially when the mission goes to 11 incubators and up.

Agreed. Especially 'cause I thought it already worked this way but it doesn’t :sweat_smile:

They should be considered, at least the final incubator (not those midway incubators in towers with many battles)… And that would be one more reason to do the events (sometimes I don’t even do some of the easy ones, cause the reward is not worth the time).

With tonight’s mission reset, now I need 14 incubators. That is simply absurd.

Yes, my husband needs 11 and his has a 24hr sitting in his slots and though he wants to open it, he will not complete his missions if he does… So it’s lose the missions or just never open that 24hr epic dna holding incubator!

Agreed. For 4 Dino bucks we are asked to open 14 incubs? Please… they can keep those bucks.

Anyhows, whenever someone voices out their dissatisfaction towards the game - with valid reasons - there will always be someone else who out of nowhere suddenly supports the Devs. Seriously… I don’t understand these type…

Wish the incubators from the strike events even if it’s just the last incubator for the events that require 5 or 10 battles just one of those count toward the 8 required for the daily reward, can exclude the one battles for the scent I get why those wouldn’t count but the strike events are battles and you get a regular incubator for the epic one, I mean there’s gotta be some wiggle room or if anyone else does get that counted for their daily reward than I’m one of the people who it doesn’t ever count for lol im already so mad the update happened yesterday seconds after I dropped my epic scent :weary: even tried contacting them but, other than asking for my code no response!