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Mistake ban

I cheated in the game Dragons titan uprising ( for the first time). And i got a permanent ban. It was the first time i get banned. After a little bit of time i knew that the first time you cheat you get a 24 hours ban. Please unban my account and i will stop cheating.
-Thank You For Reading
-Greetings: Hacker76

Why did you cheat in the first place? @Hacker76

To make the game easier

Still, it’s hacking

Not even making the game easier just laziness

This has to be a troll, your name + the fact that you got banned for cheating makes me laugh xD.

As far as I know, it should be real. But yeah, poetic.

Why don’t you tell Ludia how you achieved cheating and how to get rid of other cheaters. A little help may go a long way.


They dont deserve that info. Ive been sending emails and not getting responses for a long time

Well this game is basically trash then if nothing is gonna be done about this whole stupid stuff saying you got a mis banned when you were clearly cheating

Hey there, Viking, there should be a “Contact Us” button on the main menu when you launch your game. If you had already emailed our support team, please refrain from updating your messages before our team replies, as that could cause further delays.


Hello, isnt the first time you get banned supposed to be a 24 hour ban? And the if you get banned another time youll get permanant ban? If yes please help me. I have contacted you and the person who replied to me didnt answer my question.

Sadly, we can’t go into details regarding bans in public:

Can’t you just deal with getting banned for a day your not going die or something geez calm down.

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There are modified apks that let you unable oponents attack, charge dragons ability and instakill.
There are also WA, FB ane Discord groups of cheaters. They make clans full of cheaters so that nobody finds out, or one person clans so that they get quick alpha treasures.
In the arena, they let the first two or three dragons attack a little, and then instakill them. That way, the battle doesnt end in zeros.
They sometimes let other players join their clans to get 10 star treasures, with the condition of not saying anything.

Exactly why can you not share with players who report hackers that the player has been banned? Especially when they screenshot game support. My clan has been hit twice this week alone by hackers. We are of the mind that reporting these guys does nothing and we legit players will get tagged as the cheaters. And you cannot deny that it is not a righteous concern because there are far too many saying that they have been wrongly banned and too many hackers floating around.

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If you ask me, you deserved that ban. For the rest of the riders it’s better that an actual cheater gets banned immediately and you did cheat.

You know what a wrongful ban looks like? 2 mates of mine who never cheated getting banned, the better player of them 2 getting a 2nd ban and so very discouraged to play the game, he provided with notice of quittance. And I totally understand him as Ludia didn’t give him a chance, review the cheater flag at all. Not sure if he’ll return later, surely he wouldn’t like to face another Ludia mistreatment.

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