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Mistake in the new update?

  1. The dinosaur is advertised as a legendary but it is an epic gold?


  1. Where are the alliance Leaderboard rankings??


Yeah, Scap is an Epic. They just mixed up the picture.

Any idea about the alliance rankings?

That, I don’t know about. I actually forgot about that until know.


I has really excited about those Leaderboard lol

Last online function isn’t working as well :unamused:

It seems to be working for me.

Let’s just hope it comes in the next update and it isn’t scrapped completely :pray:

shouldn’t the real question be about all the bugs that were supposed to be fixed but are still there? Or the broken matchmaking along with boosts destroying what used to be the best part of the game, arena?

I think your question should be that, if that is your concern :wink: