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Mistake in Thoradolosaur description


I notice there is a huge mistake in thor’s description.

For crit chance it says 40%, that’s a typo and it should be changed to the actual 99% crit chance.


You’ve been pretty active with the salt today, huh?


i wish it was 99%


Yep. Sick of this great game being executed so poorly (that is to say being designed so poorly). And yeah, have had my a** handed to me far too often from thor with crit - crit - crit - crit…


think of the kind of elite, high level strategic mastermind it takes to implement such a complicated and well thought out plan to pull off 17 critical hits in a row.

this is all their own doing. you act like it’s as simple as tapping a button and praying to everything that has ever existed to bail someone out of having no idea what’s going on in the game. oops :grimacing: :rofl: :joy:


Thors rng is like all the other rng in this game it either doesnt crit for a whole match or crits every single hit…


My experience has been pretty on par with 2 in 5 shots landing a crit

Monosteg On the other hand seems misrepresented…


My strategy starts off with, “please give me Thor, please give me Thor…” Then if the RNG gods shine down upon me, it switches to, “Please crit, please crit!” I’d say it’s closer to 65% than 40, but it usually comes in clutch!


Best part with Thor is it not dodge.
Then you know what you could get from each attack, and make better plan.

Love my one.