Mistake or what?


what’s wrong?


Try clearing the cache, just Cache, NOT DATA!!! It’s some sort of glitch. Make sure your account is backed up by Google or Facebook (for safety reasons)


This has happened to me before as well. I just restarted the game and everything turned out fine.


Thanks for your reply. Here’s what happend after a restart off the game:


Hahahahahahha unlucky kid


It’s actually a visual glitch, it happened to me before if you notice it’s exactly 200 dna missing which is what it takes to level the mono from 13-14. So what’s happened is you’ve levelled it up from 13 to 14 the dna hasn’t gone down and when you’ve reset it fixed itself.


Hey Oezo, thanks for reporting this to us. Reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and those screenshots so they can investigate further.