Mistake Using Gems to buy Cards or Items


I’d like to make a suggestion: Add another step to confirm the player actually wants to use up Gem’s to buy an item, or card pack, or credits.

Yesterday, by mistake, I used up 20 Gems to buy some item I didn’t want. 2 quick clicks I wasn’t paying enough attention and I used them up. I meant to click on the free mystery pack and hit something else, anyhow 20 gems is not a big concern. But I’ve been saving my Gems up for a big purchase and would not be happy if that 20 gem mistake was a 750 or 1500 gem mistake instead.

Can you make the game add one more step before using gems? another pop up window, (do not locate it in the center of the screen please) or a Yes/No confirmation dialogue?

I’ve had a similar mistake happen in other games, and reversing it was difficult. I know if I actually wanted to spend 750 gems on a Explorer card pack I’d be happy to have to click 3 times to buy it.

This should be a simple update, and potentially prevent some upset customers who used up their valuable Gems by mistake.



I guess this is posted twice, first time I wrote it, I thought the forums crashed and could not find the post. If a mod wants to delete the double post please do!


Is this post visible? talking about the post at the top of this page that describes my suggestion.

I got an email just now saying its up for moderator review.


I’m Reposting as it seems the original is gone, I’m not sure why… If there is something wrong with this post please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Bliz

I have a suggestion: add an extra step to using Gem’s for a purchase.

Yesterday I was quickly logged in to collect my free mystery card pack, but due to my own error and quick clicking I bought some 20gem item for one of my hero’s. Not what I intended to do, but it was my own fault, and 20 gems is not the end of the world.

I am saving up my gems for bigger purchases and if that 20 gem mistake had been a 750, or 1000 gem mistake I would have been upset.

I think it would be a good idea to add one more step before using up Gems,: Either have a separate pop up window show up (and don’t put this window in the center of the screen), or even better have a Y/N box pop up, and make the user manually select Y, for YES to use Gems.

Should be a simple step to add, and would be a good way to protect your customers from their own fat fingers/mistakes :slight_smile:
I have made a similar mistake in another game and it was very difficult and time consuming to get customer service to reverse my mistake.

Hope this can happen, thanks again for the fun game so far!



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I hope a Dev can take a look at this and add a simple extra step to protect us from mistakenly using up valuable Gems.


Sorry Bliznit, little issue with our Forum. Your post is back! Thanks for the feedback on Gems, we like to have the best gaming experience for our Adventurers. We have passed on your suggestions and feedback to our development team.


Any news on this suggestion? is it in place for update 2?