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Mistaken spoofers


I wander how many will get banned by mistake? Like myself I drive a 18wheeler and I can be in Jackson, ms one min and 3-4hr later log into JWO and be in Atlanta, Ga and 3-4hr be log in from Halifax, Va. How they going to deal with that…


They’ll probably ban the ones that are physically impossible to do, like east coast at 1pm then in California at 1:10 or something like that. Our someone that seemed to teleport everywhere.


They will have a method. It makes no sense to tell people. I’m sure they hired people with experience.

Natural to be worried but we will see what happens.


I doubt this would happen. You might get a warning and have to contact them to explain, but like pp said, they have their methods and look for patterns (e.g., do you have a lvl 30 Indorapter but didn’t spend the
money/coins/cash to obtain it).


your IP address tells them where you are. so if your IP address says you are in Montana and you are hunting in florida, it’s pretty obvious.


But I’m moving houses.
That would get me banned


once a day, you are moving, are you?


I mean I’m moving as in I’m leaving one house to go to another.


That wouldn’t matter, I doubt they even use an IP geolocation database as they’re not very accurate. If I were them, I’d just set t-rexs and such in areas that are known by them to be completely inaccessible, then have someone jump on spoofers discord and post the coords. Catching the ones who just spoof locally around are incredibly difficult to catch.


Taiwan at 10 a.m. PST and Colorado at 11 a.m. PST

That’s what gets you caught.

Cali to NY in an hour… ridiculous traverses and more than one jump.

Rubber banding can get you caught, as well.

Former PoGo spoofer.

Having your GPS drift, or flying long distance, not so much.

OH!, and having someone else log in with your account on a different device from another distant location will get you caught as a spoofer, unless you adhere to the cooldown periods of 3-4 hours between logins


Rubber banding?




Rubber banding is when the GPS app can’t quite over ride the GPS hardware.

You bounce back and forth between locations.


Yes, former PoGo player and former PoGo spoofer.

Sounds like you’re going to assume I cheat this game simply because I have knowledge of how to do it?


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