Mistakes of desing in this game

Well, my englihs is poor, but i will try to explain.
-Events pvp. When you have a envent pvp im excited, i prefer those that you choose a warrior, all in the same level, because those whith your warriors are a waste of time, i have warriors about 12-14 level, but my opponents are 16-18, too much life points too much damage, they are vip players with full equipment, and nothing to do, and several mock of you putting a warrior in the middel with too much life and you die for time, i dont understand why pairing its not better of they do the choice to fight a bot, is better and no waste time. In actual pvp, i fight 54 battles, only win 15 when i have a bot…the rest imposible to win, is very boring be a bag to vip players.

-Dayle chest. We now that vip players get better levels of chest, but ¿Why non-vip players can get a better when they reach a high level player? Not all of us can pay the suscription, more in an planet whit too many crisis now, and in europa, the suscription is more expensive than in usa.

-Guild asking for items. Why can i do more asking for items? when i filled one i would like to put more, becuse for time, not all players can fullfill their gears request.

-Is worth level up?: i fought time ago with a player that all their character was level 3, but they have insane life poinst and power, i believe only common gear, why level up when you can be a powerfull player only leveling your common gear?.

-Why not more purchases of items? when you open a chest , you have 3 ramdom sell items and 3 ramdom buy items, this seems very few when you are in a game with more than 200 items. Why no put more purchases of items and sold to help no vip players?.

-Problems in guilds, i were in several guilds, and in most of all, not all players give items, i now is voluntary, but not all participate in events, this events of kill bosses to get a silverharnd item, is interesting, but the proble, is if you are the only one that participate, you don advance nothing, and you lack interest inn this events. I believe this type of events need to be reestructurated to get the items, because if you see that the progress is slow,…you left the event, and not participate in subsequents.

-Why cant i send pvp against someone that i know? i believe this is a lack very important in a guild.

-Crashed or mistakes of the programs on events. No words. the last pvp event of choose a warrior, i have a problem and couldnt play because only see (play) in the button but no rewards and didnt know nothing.

  • Events: Some players prefer the draft battles, some prefer using their team, I like that they provide both options. Though to be clear, those level 16-18 players are definitely not the top players in full gear cruising through easy fights all the time. Sometimes they get paired against someone like me with level 20-22 players (and sometimes I get paired against someone with level 24-26 characters).

Daily chests: We get up to 6 free chests every day, for VIP players one out of six chests is upgraded. It’s not really that much better since five chests are normal. It should be noted that everyone’s chests improve as they beat parts of the adventure, so high level players do get substantially better chests than low level players, regardless of their VIP status.

Guild Asking for items: My biggest problem with this is the 10 per minute donation limit (and to a lesser extent the daily limit). I’m fine with only being able to request every eight hours, though it might be nice if unfulfilled requests stayed active longer than three hours.

Is it worth leveling up? Yes. It’s certainly possible to keep level 3 to 4 characters, but realize you’ll only have four characters to use. While this can be an advantage because almost every common card you get will be one you use, making it easy to level your gear quickly, it also means you are very limited in what gear choices you can make. I would think it would be pretty boring, I like to play with the different characters.

Ability to purchase more items: We get to buy/sell up to 18 items per day (I’m sure there are some die hard player setting alarms to get chests in the middle of the night, but most people will miss a couple, so 12 or 15). I’m ok with this number, but I wish the buy numbers scaled up like the chest and pack loot does.
Guilds: Only 25 or so guilds go to the silverhand every month. Not everyone wants to put in the work. If you are someone who wants to put in the work, join one of the guilds that goes for it. I think that’s just a mismatch between you and the guilds you have tried.

PvP versus someone you know: I do wish there were duels or tournaments available for guilds. I know some players have coordinated when they join battles to pull this off, so you might want to try that.

Crashes: They are annoying, no question. The various errors that have locked players out of the game are the worst.

All spot on the Chuck… still can’t believe not faced you in battle yet. It’s my game life goal ha ha

Bloodarres… come join cthulu warriors … we are a great guild that gives gear and always get silver hand and legendary:

The problem with gear is that you need 1000 to level up high or more and you only can do 3 request per day and very limited, maybe they could change this.