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Mixture of both Supply Drops & Treasure Boxes


Thank you. Please do not change anything!

I drove a nice distance today and there was a PERFECT mixture of orange & green supply drops. The treasure chest were nicely spaced as well.

I tell you what, after what we have been going through for a while now. This is a great change.

Props. I know I give you guys a lot of toilet treasure but I will give props when it is due. I appreciate it.

@Ned @John @E.D


My immediate neighborhood has been perfectly fixed. Everything is good. Orange drops, green drops, treasure chests, and strikes are in a perfect ratio. Thank you for working on the problem Ludia, even if you’re not done yet.


haven’t gotten to get a good look at my neighborhood, but if the 8 green drops i can see on the screen are any indication, i’d say it’s fine. (tiny town.)

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Thanks for the feedback - we’ll pass it along! :smiley:


I hope Ludia has fixed the distribution of Supply Drops too :relieved:


I’ve noticed a difference too. There’s a few visible where there were recently none.

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Yeah is great atm

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