MM in Gyrosphere Depot is Broken

This is my recent Battles Played 9 out of 10 Battles at 5800+ Trophies I get these Arena 13 Players against me. So Ludia Give this MM a check pls and Stop Lying to us.

Ludia you are killing the fun of this game with this.

I agree they are killing the fun, but it’s likely that most - maybe all - of your opponents are in Gyro right now. Since players in low Shores can be matched with the top players in the game, many are getting kicked back to Gyro. Ludia could solve a lot of this problem by adding trophies into the system throughout the season in a way that doesn’t drive players who should be in Shores back down to Gyro over and over and over. They’ve created a mess with the new Shores matchmaking.

I checked on their profiles said " Current Arena: Shores unless they were Ranked in the top 500"
I get that can be old info but “occasionally” isn’t 9/10 in my dictionary. And rest of The Match Making system is not good either. Seen too much “crap” to belive what in game tip tells us. “MM only takes into account Trophy count”.