Mmmm, monomimus. Its whats for dinner



This pleases me. Dread that dodging chicken.


OMG…You defeated the boogie man! How is that possible? I thought they dodged every turn! I thought they ran through entire teams! It must be a miracle from God!
(Sorry for the sarcasm)

All it took was a same level unique to hit through cloak the first time :slight_smile: otherwise i was dead.


I love my flying super chicken… don’t throw her in the cook pot! :hushed:

P.S. Thanks for a view of an arena I’ll probably never see :smile:

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Mines 25 now! Wanna play hahaha!!

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Haha you will! Just give it time :slight_smile: im debating playing in it and recording the footage to share.

@john_wayne wow! That must be a beast!!! Ill pass haha

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@wrothgar: Hey!! Looks like that’s my chicken??

Was it from our match earlier where u defeated me? Asking since I’ve got a level 23 monomimus and my player icon is same as ur screenhot!

It was one hell of a match!! Like I said before I appreciate your fighting skills. I got overconfident looking at your low level dinos compared to mine. But the way you changed the game with that Dilocherius!! It was remarkable :slight_smile:

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Haha that it was @torque! Agreed, that was intense! Good game my friend :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words. If id not hit through evasive id have been sunk!!! You play very very well too :smiley:

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