MmmNoodleSoup are looking for another recruit

Are you looking for an alliance with a real community feel?

We believe we have one of the best discord servers for enjoying the game and making sure we reach our goals. Take a look at our channels:

  • Raid Invites - Somewhere for you to find a raid team quickly and efficiently even for Mortem raids. We try to ensure as many players in the alliance get a Mortem win as possible.
  • Achievements - For you to share your in game achievements with the rest of the community
  • Tournament team help - Tips on best teams and also how to battle
  • Best noodle competition - We average the core of the 2 level 26 tournaments and the winner receives £10 App Store voucher to spend in the game.
  • Daily cash links
  • Stars of the week - Kudos and fun certificates given to best darter, battler and sanctuary carer.
  • Team building help (PvP)
  • Alliance missions - 3 updates a day
  • Raid strategies - A selection of sure to win Mortem guides.
  • Dino Log - Somewhere for players to input their dinos which will be helpful for Mortem raids and their stats.

In game, we have 3 level 20 sanctuarys that are available for 12 out of the 14 day cycle.

Although everyone is very active in the game to help us reach our goals, I can’t stress enough the non cut throat atmosphere and the family feel in our alliance with everyone helping each other out with team advice, raids and helping motivate each other to achiever everyone’s personal goals.

Please message me on discord if interested : Jessicaalice94 (Soup)#1590