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Mod PvP in these times of SDNA hunger (broken Code 19s)

With code 19s being broken, I’ve found my self playing a lot more Mod-ed PvP to try and get SDNA.

I’ve also found that this is really shrink my mod store.

What is everyone else doing for SDNA?

And if we have a mod tournament, I’m toast.

I usually only use common mods for the mod PVP. If I only use common mods, usually my opponent only uses common mods.


I go for Common mods most of the time,occasionally 2 commons paired with 1 team based legendary,like Protector,Shuffle.

The rules tournament could be a Modded Tournament.

No they already let us know it’s pteros and amphis. Mod tournaments are usually indicated specifically as such, not as a ‘rules’ tournament.

I also use strictly common mods for my PvPs unless my wheel spins give me a rare one to use up…or for specific missions.

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I’m doing about 8 mod battles a day (all for elite level prize).

24 mods is a lot of coins.

I produce about 4million coins/hr. (Most coming from a half hour common hybrid.) So, it isn’t like I have coins to burn.

I’m just wondering if everyone is hitting the mod battles hard right now?

I’m sure older parks have the coins to easily shift?

I certainly have the coins to burn typically but wouldn’t say I am hitting them harder than I usually do. I don’t tend to do Code 19’s so much for the sDNA (although it certainly does add up) as I do for farming DNA which when you have a fair number of legendaries and better, can be quite significant. But since I try to keep my market empty, the high chance of getting those rare/SR dinos from the modded PvPs tends to dissuade me from doing them as often as I otherwise would.

Already? I am happy that my top 2 creatures are Zhejiangopterus 30 and Nundasuchus 40. I wish I had levelled my pterosaurs more,my Rhamphorhynchus will be much more useful,I do not expect a predator finish again,cause my top 10 creatures have 6 carnivores in them. I think I will have to go in with 1 Good creature and 2 Alanqas each time. Whichever team has more Pterosaurs is the winner in the end.