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Mod PVP Rewards

Would love some opinions. I need 300 Velociraptor S-DNA to get the Gen 2 Indoraptor, so I played TWENTY modded PVP battles today. I got a stupid Kaprosuchus TWELVE TIMES and S-DNA only twice. Am I crazy, or are these battles majorly rigged!?!? Not trying to be negative, just trying to understand if I’m doing something wrong?


Hmm, I think I understand your plight because I also haven’t gotten S-Dna in PvP ever. What I did was start collecting S-Dna ever since I was level 25, I guess you can also rely on missions for 'em. What level are you at, and how many S-Dna do you currently own?

Perhaps, I would suggest, play every Fight for Fusion, every S-Dna mission and every CoT for S-Dna, and that collection will get you the S-Dna but that happens very very slowly. If you do these, I’d estimate 300 S-Dna within 2 or 3 months.


Try, I failed lots of times with the regard of luck. I have about 4000 Velociraptor S DNA ,12* 50 Kaprosuchus DNA is not bad tho, 600 Kaprosuchus DNA would get you a lot of progress on Spinotasuchus.


I got the Kaprosuchus very often too but not as often as you. I get SDNA almost every third fight, I think yours is simply bad luck.

You only need 300 more SDNA, there are additional sources to earn it, most important events and don’t miss the boss event this weekend…and try to complete the ongoing CoT. I think it won’t take too long before you have enough. I’m sure you have an Indoraptor 2nd Gen by the end of next week.


Yeah, I wonder why Sarcosuchus and Kaprosuchus S-Dna are so hard to get. I have enough Monolophosaurus S-Dna to fuse Monostegotops as well as buy 3 more of those.


You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just unlucky. It’s all just RNG. I assure you that it is possible to get a bunch of Velo S-DNA from the prize wheel, so if you really want it, keep trying. You can trade the stuff you don’t want later on.

Also, make sure to use creatures ferocious enough to get you the elite prize wheel.

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Meanwhile I keep getting velociraptor sdna :confused: I think it is just your bad luck. I’ve been playing since last September and up until two weeks ago I only got sarcosuchus sdna once (!), and I’m actually grinding for the sarco sdna. My luck has turned though and I’m extremely close to my first diplosuchus now. Keep trying, I know it can be frustrating but you will get there! Good luck!


I’ve been wondering about the modded pvp rewards for a couple weeks now, is it “luck” RNG, or is there something else that goes in to it?

So i play 2 accounts, mine, and my daughters. Every day i do 2 land modded pvp and 1 aquatic modded pvp on both games. So 6 a day.

Over the course of the last month give or take on my game, Park level 85, with all hybrids unlocked up through the legendaries I land on S-DNA a super high percentage of the time, I’ve landed on the Micro S DNA packs lots of times as well. Other than that, i have landed on bucks a few times, 1 Diplotator, a few Kapro’s, 1 Spinoraptor, and maybe 1 or 2 Sucho’s and Shuno’s

On my daughters game park level 71, I think she has most super rare hybrids fused and unlocked other than Spinoraptor, and no Legendary hybrids other than G2 rex from the tournament.

Same time frame and very close to same number of modded PvP battles and she has won something like 3 Diplotators, 4 Spinoraptors, 1 Rajastega, 5 or 6 Sucho’s, 6 or so Kapro’s, a handful of Shuno’s that i can think of off the top of my head. She doesn’t land on S-DNA near as often as I do and I’m not sure she has ever landed on the Micro pack.

The S-DNA is nice and i am soon getting to the point where i will start making use of it but at the same time all i want are some Tators, 2 Spinoraptors and 1 Rajastega, that’s it, not too much to ask for :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, breaking out my tin hat, i was starting to wonder if the game favored creature rewards for lower leveled players and perhaps favored S-DNA rewards for players further along with their park level and or fusions. Technically speaking i don’t need any of the things i mentioned that i want, i could just buy them, they are all unlocked, i’d just much rather win them, where as the S-DNA is something that in the long run is a little harder for me to get.

Perhaps i should start a JWTG conspiracy theory page.

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Has anyone has a trick to spin the wheel ? Because I played mode PVP about 4-5 times(until I run out of common mods) I got mostly food or LP and a little of S DNA.

Use better creatures. That way you’re guaranteed not to get Food or Coins.

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None of the prize wheels are really spins. The reward is predetermined before you even touch it.

The best evidence of this is with buying mods. If you have the (buy 3 mods) daily mission and you go to buy the mods. Say the 1st one you buy, and before you even spin you get a mission complete. Well how? The game already knows you are getting a mod pack and you haven’t even touched the “spinner” yet.


The elite wheel has no food. For modded

Ok I think I need to change my plan about playing mod PVP because 100 percent I mostly use rare creatures with common , rare mods so I want to play in the morning with legendary creature to have enough cool down time before play PVE at night.

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