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Mod PvP - Somethings Fishy

I’ve been doing Modded PvP this week because of the SDNA, or LPs, or DBs, or Rajastega. Even Sunosaurus and Suchomimus are good gets since they get you ~300 LPs in trade value. You have a 71% chance per Ludia to get those prizes, so 7 out of every 10 battles supposedly. There is NO WAY I am getting those prizes at that clip. I get a lot of the other dinos (19% chance), which aren’t worth the DBs I am spending to battle and coins for the Mods. Also get DNA a lot (10% chance).

Another drawback is I am not getting DB trades which seems to be because every other trade offer is for the Mods I have.

Maybe its just my experience? Anybody tracked their Mod PvP prizes?

I have tracked PVP. It takes about 100+ games for the prize reward to look like what is shown due to math/stats stuff. They have appeared to be accurate.

How many games did you play and what were the results?

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Probably only about 50 in the last week . If so, they have a lot if catching up to do!

I have tracked pvp mod as well. It really feels like there are 2 totally different distribution models that go beyond statistical anomalies. It really seems like some weeks it matches their posted percentages, and then other points in time…it seems like a totally different drop percentages. Every time it gets wonky and I think about posting something, it seems like it changes and gets back in alignment again.

I started tracking prizes as of yesterday. I will report back my findings. It’s not looking good already though.

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