Mod question - Inspire

Do the effects of the Inspire mod only apply until the creature with that mod is killed? I tried to use an Inspire mod today, and the increase in health/attack went away as soon as the Inspire-modded creature was taken out. See attached pic - my Apato has an Inspire mod, but my Eolambia’s stars are normal.

This is not the way other mods work. Was this one designed this way for some reason, or is this a known bug?

Working as intended. When the creature with the inspire MOD dies so do the affects of the MOD

So that’s kinda worthless then, unless it’s on your last creature. Interesting that none of the other mods that impact your allied creatures work that way; their effects apply throughout the entire battle.

Terrify, alpha, invigorate, rally, protection, and every other MOD work the same way, once the creature that has the MOD is killed the effect is removed. I am not aware of a MOD that has an affect on other creatures not getting eliminated when that creature is killed.