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Mod spikes on last dino kills your 2nd dino after attack/KO

I just did a PvP mod where my 2nd dino KO-ed the last dino.

The spikes mod KO-ed my dino.

The last dino is than pictured still standing (despite being KO-ed) and my 3rd dino switches in.

I than see the victory screen.

In case anyone was wondering what happens. (I know when it is your last dino and spikes kills you, you both “lose” the battle.)


Hey @Timmah

That’s a strange MOD bug.
Thanks for reporting.
Our dev team will investigate this as it is the first time I’m hearing of it.

In the meantime, I’d suggest you contact our Support team at

I wasn’t trying to report this as a bug.

I just remember talking about losing due to spikes in another thread (where neither player wins) and we wondered what happened if you lost your dino to spikes on KO of the last dino, but it wasn’t your last dino.

This is what happens.

It was kind of cool to experience a “blue moon” event like this.

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