Modded aquatic PVP

After upgrading my aquatic lineup for the tournament, my highest creatures in the lineup is now exactly below the threshold between advanced and elite boosted prize in modded PVP (as outlined by @Sionsith under a post named “modded PVP farming”. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to link it to this post). I don’t want to unnecessarily highten my ferocity, so I was wondering if there is a big difference in the prizes in advanced and elite boosted prize in modded aquatic PVP?


I believe the main difference is the amount of resources, for instance on elite it’s 50 SDNA per win, I don’t remember what advanced was 35?. Same for all the other resources as well. I believe the creature chances are similar?


And let’s also add that there is no food or coin cards as rewards when you battle in the elite range. :point_up:t2:


Well, then I guess those aquatics will get a special treat tonight (a little extra food) as a reward for unlocking banonogmius. I will upgrade a few of them a little so I have some teams for the elite wheel. I guess it’s enough with one creature above the limit at each team.

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