Modded event thread

I couldn’t find one so I’m creating this thread. As i don’t see much modded event discussion , it might be a futile attempt.
Here’s my modded event from today. Seemed easy enough .
Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Forgot to screenshot my team so here’s the battle

I’d really like if everyone shares all the intricacies they have found with each mods they use. The gimmicks that stomp us on the first time.
I’ve experienced that if a dino with nullify comes to battle ground it leaves you defenseless if you’re using a protector most of the time. Whatever blocks you added disappears with the blocks from protector.


I had the dreaded randomize on my second battle today in the mod event but luckily it was on the first creature and I found a good use for nullify at least in this event where the creatures don’t switch due to no different classes:

Worked like a charm, I wasn’t sure what would happen after the creature was killed but it was ideal as it did not retriever after sealing away from nullify:

The Gorgosuchus ended up taking out everyone.

The third battle was interesting as I couldn’t use a splinter because of the amount of health his second creature would end up with. So I went with a clone paired with another regenerate and played the long game:


I always get stomped with the steals , i never seem to fully understand how it works. Sometimes i feel like it works different for me and AI.
Do you specifically try to get regenerate or is it a by product ?

Nope, all the mods you see are from trying to get specific MODs for the events. What ever I get I go and do MOD PvP to get rid of all of them, makes for some fun and interesting matches.


Randomize and shuffle are the worst for the opponent to have imo, it completely ruins any planning, luckily this week mine was pretty easy with the last match being endurances on high health opponents, couple of 20 indos and just 1 mod secured the win for me.

Il post next week’s modded here.


I usually use common mods in conjunction with the shield mod (50%) , the first 2 battles the class advantage does its job and in the third battle the shield mod helps me enough to win the event.

Sometimes Chanya offers good mods during the week for DNA (55 or 110) and I save them for this day, that makes the event much easier.

The only event that is hard for me is how much you have to use carnivores, on whether it touches the Pachyrinosauro with some defense increase mod.

Here are the pictures from today’s event.

Good old Randomize…

Ended up with this after the randomize created a randomize…

Worse part was the regenerate kept healing the damage from the toxin but in the end the splinter took care of business:


This randomize was worthless for the opponent but the opponent went crazy and made the battle complicated.

Well I was nervous about the randomize…

So I brought a team that I figured could handle a multitude of scenarios and of course a shuffle comes up after the randomize:

After the shuffle takes effect:
I have a minor freak out and forget to take a screen shot but after I take out the first guy who took out my strongest creature and remove the one terrify that got switched to the other side I realized something both good and bad…

Now this is a bit complicated but it appears that when a shuffle takes affect it does not erase the original effects and just adds to them (which I am sure is unintentional @Keith), but essentially I had two terrifies active before the randomize and before the shuffle then mixed stuff up and then after it “shuffled” the mods one of the terrifies stayed on my side so it triggered a third time brining the opponents down to zero attack. And not just a visual glitch but actually zero attack:

as evidenced by these attacks by the opponent where I did not use any blocks but their attack showed up as blocked because they did no damage.

So this MOD glitch ended up working in my favor but it still stands as a glitch and not working as intended (or at least I am fairly certain that this is not the intention).


Argh, Randomise on his last dino in the modded Herbivore event today was horrible.
Forgot to screenshot it but anyway I had so many losses it would have been a tedious read for you all. Twice he ended up after Randomize with 2 Shuffles, even more joy! One of these I actually and finally managed to win; he ended up with my Clone on his middle dino and my Toxin on his final one, but luckily the Clone had already activated on my L1 Bonitasaura so it kept the higher stats (didn’t know that worked, will remember that one). And I managed to retain Inspire which I was glad about. It was tricky but to my relief I finally won.

My entire top herbivore line-up is out for the count, and I had to draft in several L1 commons and a L20 Eolambia to shore it up

I nearly posted this in Vent your Frustration, but as I had won I refrained from that.

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Lucky me, no randomise or shuffle today. Still messed up once wasting some good mods like inspire. I thought maybe everybody had the same mods on the AI’s team, but apparently not.


@Keith , Steal seems to be working in a similar manner. The stolen Mod remains in effect for both sides


Almost every day I notice strange behaviour of mods - I don’t even bother to report them. Beserk, for example: once trigerred - health and attack doesn’t get back when switched to another creature. Plenty other mods are messed up as well… I feel like there are more which doesn’t work properly then those which does.

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yeah this happened when the Playable Bosses got their additional moves and it seems some of the functionality of them broke a lot of the MOD functionality, as prior to the release of level 50 and 60 Boss moves the MODs where basically functioning as intended.


And here is what poor old Toujiangosaurus lvl1 dreams at night - what stats he ACTUALLY deserves :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::


Also, when Randomize or Mirror eliminates a Mod all together, it’s effects often remain


I have shared with the team, the mod discussion of the last few days and the team has added it to the list of things to investigate