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Modded events

I seem to always struggle with these events I think I even preferred the no ko in teams than this event, as soon as the opponent has a mod like adrenaline rush points seem to come out of no where, I know I can beat this with legendary mods but it just seems a waste for a legendary pack, I am always skipping these because I can not find a consistent pattern with the bots like I do in the tournaments or other events, any suggestions guys?

Opponent is always OP in these events aswell and I have to end up using my high level creatures :frowning_face:

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I would suggest use a creature with good health to build up 3+ reserves and put a Splinter mod on the second (make it a Pterosaur) so that you can 7 or 8 hit attack Nundasuchus, thus taking out the entire opponent team. If you use only enough to kill Nunda, then you may not be able to take out both the opponents since your attack damage is split 50-50 between the other two creatures, so do it such that you have at least 6K-7K damage dealt to Nunda.

Smart, havent tried the splinter mod yet will give this a try and let you know, thanks @Jurassic_Fury

I dont play enough modded battles so when they do come around they’re super hard for me

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Anytime! Do let me know if you’ve been successful. :slight_smile:

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Omg I completely wiped out the team with that one attack was pretty funny to see :joy: I’ve always thought the splinter mod was a pretty bad mod but with class advantage it’s an absolute beast

Did waste a diplosuchus in last spot though as wasnt sure what would happen


Woah nice job! :clap: I also did waste a few creatures in last spot today lol.

Legendary pack give T rex and Scaphognathus.

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I got a T-Rex in this one. T-Rex is so dear to me that I’d even welcome a 100th T-Rex from Golden Rewards with open arms.

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Splinter+A good pterosaur

I spent 50 bucks on a mod spin and got a pack. 2 Predations, 1 steal and 1 Survival. 1 predation in 1st match (2 fodder, 1 good pterosaur), 1 predation in 1st match (2 fodder, 1 good pterosaur), steal and survival in 3rd match (3 good amphibians).

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I got a therizinosaurus feom the pack so that means i can get it to level 30! A great meat shield

Nice. I can’t remember the last time I spent on any Regular Legendary apart from T-Rex (the time I unlocked it) and T-Rex Gen 2. In fact I have enough to max all but one Legendaries including locked ones.

Who told you i spent dna on it?

I just want ostafrikasauruses and microposauruses but the game seems to withold them v_v

I didn’t say that. I only said that most Legendaries can be maxed without spending DNA.

I have one of each in the park and 7 more of each in the market… Patience, you’ll also find your market overflowing with Legendaries than the other classes.

Thats basically late game when u don’t need them v_v

Can you send me a pic of your top lineup?

No, you’ll need level 40 Legendaries even in late-game for Dominator victories. Suppose you have 2 Indoraptors at level 40, and 5 T-Rexes at level 40. It is best suggested to use the T-Rexes since you’ll not need something so OP for tournaments. At one point, your Tournament-purpose creatures will be far away from your top lineup (range of level 20 VIPs and level 40 Legendaries are tournament material).

So far these are my best creatures, I will soon have level 40 Prionosuchus, another T-Rex, Ostafrikasaurus, Microposaurus, Unaysaurus, Pteranodon and Dimetrodon to add to my lineup. I am currently in the stage where my Tournament-worthy creatures are my best creatures.

My lineup is very shallow. You can refer to @Nonthawath_777 and @Timmah’s lineups for a more deeper perspective.

Do you finish in dominator?