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Modded PVP Farming

I’ve seen people mention that Modded PVP is a good way to get decent amounts of S-DNA and other decent prizes on the ‘Elite Boosted’ reward level.

I’d like to give it a try for myself, but I am hoping some of the veterans like @Sionsith would be willing to offer some advice on how to structure my teams and be efficient with this. :slight_smile:

Any tips on this would be awesome. Thanks!


Structuring your battles like this and using common mods will do the trick :+1:

Make sure your main creature can reach the elite wheel, there are no food and coin prizes on this wheel whatsoever

As sionsith has explained using this method the bots will have a team ferocity closer to the team your putting in, having the level 1s there decrease your teams ferocity which means that you will get easy opponents to face, your level 1s will act as bait and reserve builders


I prefer Aquatic MOD PvP only because there are limited options for the bots to throw in, but it really depends on what level your creatures are at.

Just need to get creatures that are above this threshold:



After this it’s about setting up “traps” for the bots, on Aquatic I typically use lvl 1 cave then my high end reef, then lvl 1 surface. Using common mods I try and keep single benefit mods on my main and group benefit mods on my other two creatures. The stronger your middle creature the better. If you are nervous about bringing your main reef you could cheat up a bit on the surface, a level 10-20 SR with higher health so if you need to swap in to take a few hits or build up reserves you can.


Awesome, thanks! I just did several rounds of it–I had a few wobbly victories at first, but once I got a feel for it, it was pretty easy overall.


I do cenozoic myself. The Hyenadon is a monster.

Thanks for this. This isn’t how I’ve been playing these battles. I just tried it as you explained and it was a lot funner.


@Sionsith I have a question for you what are the best mods to use in your opinion?

Anything that costs coins, if we are talking about PvP farming. If we are talking about PvE events it is completely dependent on what I am facing but my main go to for those events is Splinter.


@Sionsith ok thxs btw I have been getting DNA fast and very efficient and in large quantities


I assume it is one of those Sionsith videos with benefits as usual. May i have a link to that kind sir?

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@Cagkan_Coskun actually it isn’t I have learned a trick from some people in a thread I made called how to get DNA fast and easy

im only a level 35 player in this game. First modded battle: I win a Diplotator. Second Modded Battle: Win a Rajastega. Me: download (2)


Just so we are on the same page… I hate you. :crazy_face:


lol. its just luck!

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