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Modded pvp grinding

So i was grinding some modded pvp this morning and i got those

2 diplotators in 3 battles. Saved 8000 dna already. Now i really wanna get along with modded pvp.:grin::grin:


The other reward was 100 bucks? :laughing:


@Jurassic_Fury ???

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@The_Phoenix no, I just guessed if your other modded prize was 100 DBs seeing the resource difference between the two pictures.

Forgive me :joy:

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It was actually reverse. I posted the second picture first.


Iโ€™ve had some very good streaks and poor streaks with the modded pvp but in the end you typically make out pretty decent.

It took me quite sometime before i got my 1st spinoraptor but then a few weeks later i won like 4 in a couple days. It took me a good while to win my first Rajastega as well. On my daughters game it was one of the 1st 3 prizes we won, she has won 2 in the last several months but I donโ€™t play every day, just on and off and only 3 battles a day at most.

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