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Modded PVP loss of mods bug

Firstly, why isn’t there a Bug Reports section for this game?

Anyway, the story is, I was getting ready to enter a Modded PVP match, I selected my creatures and mods, but I hadn’t started the match yet. I left the screen on till it went dark because I was busy with something else, but when I reopened the game a few minutes later, my creatures were still there, but the selected mods were gone!
They cost me nearly all my coins, because they were Rare mods, and now I don’t even get to use them :expressionless:.

Anyway, it’s a bug, and it needs to be fixed, regardless of whether or not I can get my mods back, although I would very much like them back.

Pretty bad thing to happen.

If you spent all your coins on MODs, I think you have some trouble farming. Start with maxing Alangasauruses. Mine gives 900k every 30 min. Start placing Oasises everywhere and a revenue tower to collect them. Have 3 total and they pull in about 3 million. Use DNA to get better creatures, which will produce more coins.


It’s a gradual process. I’m already working on it.

Maybe. I got 6 maxed in a couple of days. Food and DNA was hit the hardest.

I’m prioritising reaching level 60 for CoT. I’m also balancing out the Alangas with Labs and Limnos, both for lineup diversity and for the increased coin production.

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I’m sorry to hear about your mods disappearing just like that, Qaw. If you haven’t already, please reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can have a closer look at this. Regarding the Bug Report section for this game, I’ll make sure to bring that up with the team. Thank you!

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