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Modded PvP Rewards

For anyone that hasn’t noticed yet, the modded PvP rewards wheel now includes all 5 types of s-DNA. Yeah! That wasn’t the case before, so thanks Ludia for addressing this.


Yup it happened when they did the update, and it is much appreciated.


Agreed, but 40 DNA, Aerotitan, Kaprosuchus, and Ophiacodon are still on there. I know numerically it shouldn’t happen, but it seems like every time I try to play Modded PvP, I win one of these four “loser” prizes maybe 80% of the time. Not worth it.


Seems like this could use an update:

While it is nice that you get up to 68 SDNA in the pack it has been static since there was only one SDNA available (velociraptor). It seems like you should have a chance at all of the SDNA on each card and not just the one type. I feel like the chance at all of the different types would also be better than if each card was a specific type since there are only four cards if it was static you would always be missing out on a specific type in the pack.

My two cents.


Very good points. Totally agree that the rewards should be swapped around, give us some different dinos PLEASE… and at least make the lowest DNA reward the same as watching an ad! Agree that the pack really should have an assortment of sDNA types. I have so much Velociraptor sDNA at this point, the pack which should be one of the top prizes actually feels like a booby prize to me!


I think part of the pack issue is that it does not scale like the standalone SDNA does at novice level you get the standalone SDNA prize and its worth 10 SDNA which makes the pack look like a great prize. But in an elite match where the standalone is 50 SDNA the pack is just marginally better. What’s funny is I just did a novice match to see what the amount was for a standalone SDNA reward and won a diplotator. If I was actually a newbie that would have been a fantastic reward.


Yes, very much the case as well.

@Ned - can you pass along some of these comments to the developer team? I know I personally have dialed back considerably on modded PvPs because of how many copies of those dino rewards I’ve gotten…and how often they come up. Let alone how incredibly LAME the 40 DNA one is. They already feel like a bit of a loss to get a rare or SR dino but when you get a 30th or 40th copy of an Aerotitian, it really is a downer. Just being able to earn different dinos in the same rarities would make this event so much more desirable to do.

And why, why, WHY, do we not get aquatic and/or ceno creatures in the aquatic modded PvP? Even if there were just a few of them in there… something different in that event would just make sense. Particularly since I know for me at least, the aquatic PvP is always a bit harder due to having so few classes types (3 vs. 7) and thus the strong likelihood of having a class disadvantage to start with. So I almost never do that event other than to fulfill my daily mission requirement.


Happy to, Mary_Jo!

Thanks for all the feedback as well. :slight_smile:

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I was going to start a new thread, but this one hits the nail on the head for me.

Why does Aquatic PvP modded yield Jurassic Dinos as rewards and not Aquatic dinos?

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