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Modded PvP

I’ve now gotten 40 DNA the last 5 times playing mod PvP. The odds of that are astronomical. Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve only gotten SDNA 1 time out of the last 10-12, again astronomical.


I feel you on this. Especially in the dominator leagues in tournaments, I only ever seem to win either 10 DBs, 35,000 coins, or 100 DNA. All of which are useless to me in that quantity

I did two last night one food one SDNA. Small sample size but I have not witnessed any long streaks personally with not getting SDNA.

I did manage to finally get some sDNA on my last day’s battles. Along with 2 more Aerotitans. I can’t remember the last day I played where more than half my prizes were something other than the rare or SR dinos. So not exactly thrilled at a 4-battle event last week for another Kapro!

At which prize wheel level it is more usual to get Aerotitan ? Novice or above ? I need a few more of him

That I can’t say, but I’m generally using whatever I need to hit the top prize wheel. I would be surprised if he comes up on the Novice one though, definitely not at the rate I tend to see him.

Daily gripe about the Modded PvP percentages. 6 matches, 1 SDNA prize.

Got 20k and 50k pack today…no DB in either.

Where’s the Thanksgiving love Ludia?!:blush:

Maybe I am just being spoiled after that VIP week…although that shouldn’t have any bearing on percentages.

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It’s been awhile but happy about this today:


Seems to be one of these days. I’ve got one Priotrodon and two Spinoraptor.


Not been so lucky myself, but at least I got a couple Diplotators. And yet another Kapro. Only one spin away from my next Monostego so really determined to get that last one I need but the wheel is NOT cooperating!

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My lucky day today:


Sigh. 2 more Kapros, 1 more Aerotitian. Only a single s-DNA reward. There is no way they will convince me those probabilities are accurate. I get a Kapro pretty much EVERY day I play modded PvPs - something I should have only a 1 in 20 chance of landing on. I have been getting them about every 1 in 4 tries for weeks now.

Anyone else noticed the Mod PvPs have gotten harder? What i used to do (and it worked before the update) was to put in a very good creature, then two really weak ones (level 1 commons) and the opponent would average the ferocity, with three mediocre creatures, or a strong one plus two weak ones. That way i could get more matches done (more prizes) and it was great to just showcase a specific creature (i actually learned it from the Gaming Beaver). Now, when i try putting one max level tournament and two commons, i get three max level tournies on the opposition. Am i the only one here who did this?

I’ve never played that way (always use 3 reasonably comparable creatures) so can’t really say. There definitely seem to have been some changes to the AI a couple months ago such that it really doesn’t like to use all its points in an attack, even when doing so would give it a guaranteed win (it does still sometimes use all points, but much, much less than previously). Also see really high blocks like 4 or even 5 point blocks much more than before now as well. So wouldn’t surprise me if there were other changes as well.

I noticed this with the land based MOD PvP as this is where I use Cenozoic creatures but thought it had to do with the Cenozoic rebalance, I also noticed what used to qualify for the Elite wheel when doing so no longer did and since that time I have just used 3 lvl 30 VIP creatures instead of 2 level 1 and a level 30 VIP. Standard Aquatic PvP seems to have been unchanged other than the wheel spin levels being changed.

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I still use the same tactic for both aquatic and jurassic/cenozoic modded pvps and it is still working for me. Even this morning completed my cenozoic battle that way. Can’t say much about which wheel I end up on as I always forget to take note of that…