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Modded PVPs changes

Has anyone else noticed that the Modded pvps changed Friday to where even on the elite wheel you land on 60 dna and 23000 food and that you hardly get sdna anymore I don’t understand why ludia has to turn this 10 DB every match good way to get resources into another money grabbing pit sure hope this is just a glitch they will fix soon so @Ned could you please help get a answer about this thanks in advance for any help you can give

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I noticed I got an incredibly bad 40 DNA prize when I did one today. Getting less DNA than I would from a free ad watch after spending 10 DBs and the time needed to get through a modded PvP is just ridiculous. So it’s just one more area of the game Ludia has snuck a change into to strip us of decent prize rewards. First the tournaments, and now this. Won’t be much point wasting the additional 5 DBs (and TIME) doing these at this rate vs. the regular PvPs, esp. with them being considerably more likely to throw a loss at you already. Ludia just will continue to boil us frogs until we’re totally poached.


Old thread I know but I also noticed this. The modded PvP prizes used to be really, really good when the mods were first introduced but now I’m more likely to get 60 DNA as an Elite prize rather than anything amazing… come on Ludia, it’s almost Christmas so bring back the generosity :+1: