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Modeling your creature ideas in Roblox Studio

My project, with permission of Spinoconstrictor, I’m allowed to introduce this.
Since I’ve got school for 2 days, in couple of days, I’ll get ready and do the suggestions.
Here’s the story behind this topic.
I’ve always wanted to draw something but I couldn’t. As my drawing skills are nothing. So 3D modeling in Roblox Studio was the thing for me,I’ve asked Spinoconstrictor on JWA Artwork topic if I can make the topic and if he’s fine with it.
So yeah, meanwhile I have school, you can request creatures and/or hybrids.
Have fun.
Moderators,This is a basically which is Spinoconstrictor’s topic,but with 3D artwork, but give me a chance.
Here’s a model of Spinoraptor I made ever since I was sick.
Also,spinoconstrictor, Thank you for inspiring me.
Will be edited upon me coming back from school.


10 characters

You dare challenge me.

What do you mean?

Is it too hard?

No,it will be a challenge though.

so far the progress with the 1st side of Alloraptor’s head,any suggestions?


I like it, I don’t use roblox studio so IDK how to improve it

It’s easy,i can tweak it if you want.

I think the snout should be a bit shorter

Shorter,all rights. I’ll send the finished model once i’m finished

Can you do para lux?

Do it once ur done with alloraptor

Parasaurolophus Lux… I’ll try.
Not great with building hadrosauruses though.

Then do one CompC instead of para lux

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wait, impostor! im the alloraptor guy!


There’s an impostor among us

lol im joking, im glad others actually like it

head of the alloraptor,if it’s a hologram


Yes,it’s detailed.
Those are teeth.