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I think that there should be models of dinosaurs that we can buy because I personally either want thoradolosaur or Ankylosaurus


maybe you can 3d print them.

In a way I’d quite like having a collection of JWA collectibles on my shelf.

I want tryko and carbo figures.

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I think this is a great idea! I’d much rather spend money on models than microtransactions. I’ll take Suchotator, Tryostronix, Stegodeus, Utasinoraptor, and probably more!

Yes. You could expand on your game, make figures for all your hybrids and stuff. I would buy them asap. Orion, Erlikospyx, Erlidom, Thor, Carbotoceratops, Dio, Magna, Maxima, and Tenontorex! And I’d get more if available lol.


I would love to have models of indoraptor gen2, diloracheirus, quetzorion, ardentismaxima, tryostronix and carbonemys on my shelf!