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Modern Amphibians in Jurassic World Alive

Would it be funny if we bring us Humans in the game?


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Here’s how I’d imagine a frog in the game

I made it as a counter to the flocks as Beelzebufo can eat them


Id love for this frog to be introduced as an April fools boss, but scaled down to modern frog sizes, that would be amazing lol

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10 characters

Love that description lol

This game is about prehistoric creatures lol

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Can I see a hybrid of a amphibian please. And also this game is for prehistoric creatures not the ones that are alive today

Yea frogs should be like 2.8 k to maybe 3k

there are also prehistoric frogs so why not a little frog in the game

What prehistoric frog?

beezlebufo? I think it was around the size of the cat and could eat juvenile dinos

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Rexylius said that is already a prehistoric frog

Oh wait, no, read that wrong

What about a hybrid of a frog?

I’ll like to see one

Does this count?

I think so? But I want two amphibians to be turn into a hybrid like a frog and axololt