Modern Marsupials and Monotremes

but why add modern animals in a game about prehistoric creatures? Also way to much health.

the only creature that might get added is thylacine, although it is way too modern.


Thylacinus cynocepahus is modern
Thylacinus pottens is prehistoric

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These are all broken and dont work in a game like this. The health alone is a nightmare (Over 8k on an opossum when sauropods only go up to 6k!) and most of their speeds… THEY SOME FAST BOIS. Like this is worse than Ludia when making Indot’s stats. Just one, replace modern animals with prehistoric, that’s what this game is about, and just balance them logically.

What are those stats imao, health to high along with speed and attack in some cases

Red Kangaroos can reach 1.8 meters in height, and weight 90 kg. Acrocanthosaurus have an estimated 12 meter legnth, and weigh 6.2 metric tons. It takes twice the amount of Acrocanthosaurus’s health to kill a Red Kangaroo. how

Well the guy is likely new to creating creatures, so this may be his first time doing so.

This is the reason why they are making creatures like this. Not really much of an excuse, no offense

the fact that these have more hp then a brachiosaurus

Didn’t see that, I agree that isnt an excuse.

No not a good excuse
and this game is for prehistoric and extinct creatures.