Modification/buff Spinotasuchus

There is no doubt that he deserves a buff. A legend weaker than many rare and epic is unacceptable. Here I leave a suggestion of how your buff could be. So it would be useful for raids and good for PvP.Screenshot_20201130-110407

Get rid of group ferocity. If you want a move like that, use RTC
I agree spinotahsuchus needs a buff

RTC would be what?

Ready to Crush. The same move that bary gen 2 and tryo have. Group takedown has a delay, and its usually useless

Did it look good?Screenshot_20201130-131301

MUCH better. Group takedown only buffs damage, is a priority move, and has a delay, which makes it horrible for the arena

Now it’s praying for Ludia to make this come true. Is anyone on the team seeing our messages?

Group Ferocity isn’t as bad as Group Takedown, but I agree that Ready to Crush is generally best

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I meant group takedown. They get confusing

I thought a lot about how a Spinotasuchus buff could be, and I came to that conclusion, a strong dino, that honors its size and compensates the great effort to be made.Screenshot_20201205-104345

Immunity to Distraction and the ability to Cleanse Distraction while dealing damage on a pure fierce creature is not a good idea.
Definite Rampage is also a part-resilient ability so it doesn’t make sense on Spinotasuchus.

The combination of really high attack, Ready to Crush, Immunity to Deceleration, Wounding Counter, Lethal Wound, a 30% crit chance and a Rampage move that destroys shields and bypasses armour is also just overkill.


Let’s be honest,all DoT ability need a buff.
Not only Spinotasuchus.


Yes, what do you think would be an ideal buff on both?

Decel resistance and higher attack

That’s better? Now he’s looking more like a dino from the Spinosaurus family. Screenshot_20201205-195655

Again, Definite abilities are part Resilient, and Immunity to Distraction is Cunning.
The combination of Lethal Wound and Wounding Counter with really high attack damage is still unnecessary, this thing can take out opponents in a single turn.


I see, I’m going to reform it again.

Best? Screenshot_20201206-171907

You really insist on that Distraction resistance huh :joy:
Yeah, this is much better, but I’d get rid of that Distraction resistance so Cunning creatures can beat it like they’re supposed to, or at least put up a decent fight.

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I really like the fact that spinotasuchus has lethal wound and lethal swoop. 2 shots creatures while swapping out. It’s back to being it’s old self :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: