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Modification/buff Spinotasuchus

1600 attack is way too high. Instantly vaults spintoa into broken creature status. You’ve creased something with 1600 attack, no-escape, the ability to cleanse distract, buff itself, bleed, and with DSR. That would be way too strong. 1200-1300 would be far more balanced for the build you’re proposing.

True, I ended up forgetting that. Anyway, another rework coming.

I think it’s good now, right?


Yeah, it’s pretty good now. But I think you could replace Fierce Impact with Revenge Shattering Rampage, since it needs a little higher damage to finish off resilient creatures.

Okay, I’ll add.

Ready. Do you think this would be the ideal buff?


There’s quite a few ways of buffing Spinotasuchus, but this definitely seems like a good one.


I understand. Well, I’ll keep this one. Do you have any better modifications?

One isn’t necessarily better than another. I haven’t come up with a Spinotasuchus rework in a long time, I might if I have the time later.

Ah yes. I understand. So have a great day. If you would like to comment on other suggestions for buffs and nerfs.

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why swoop? spinota cant fly

The word “swoop” has more than one meaning.

What did you think? It’s like the Cloak with revenge fury from Indominus, very strong. And this blow would deny immunity, the maximum resistance against it would be 60%.

It’s a good idea, but what do you mean by it would “deny immunity”? If you’re talking about bleeding creatures that are immune to DoT, that’s a bit iffy, since we don’t have anything like that in the game yet.

I meant that there would be no immunity to bleeding, with revenge fury, a maximum resistance of 60% would be allowed, it would be innovative. Liked?

I’m not sure.

I made another modification to it aiming a little at the raids, along with a buff in the swoop ability. What did you think?

I agree to spino needa a modification.At the very beginning of the game he has an adrenaline surge like move which restores some of his life and increases attack but it doesn’t fit now bcz accept ludia categorized all the creatures in 3 group only a handful of creatures have their special abilities left

I don’t think that change would be very useful. All the best raid strategies involve taking out the minions right away, so bleeding them doesn’t help.

Yeah, it makes sense. What do you think would make it good for raids?