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Modifying Genome

I Think Jurassic World The Game Should Add Modify Genome To The Game. And No, Modify Dinosaurs Genome Isn’t Gonna Make It Hybrid Because You Know, It Just Modify Genome Not Combining 2 Dinosaurs. And If All Of This Is Familiar To You, Yes This Modify Genome Thing Is In Jurassic World Evolution. So Why They Can’t Make It Into Jurassic World The Game?

How It Work You Ask?
Well, Simply Go To Any Creature Click The Paddock There In And The Upper Left Corner There’s A Three Dot There. Once Your Click It, It Spawned In A Button That Says Modify Genome. Once You Click The Modify Genome Button, You Will Take To The Dna Of The Creature. And The Upper And Down Of The Screen Has Like The + Symbol And When You Press It You Can Modify It’s Genome But You Need New Dna To Modify It’s Genome. Like Example, You Need A 1,300 Cuttlefish Dna If You Want To Modify Your Dinosaur To Become Camouflaged. And Yes, Every Modifying Genome That You Modify In Your Dinosaurs, Will Change The Appearance Of Your Dinos. Did I Mention That The Modify Genome Have Level Too? When You Have Equip A Cuttlefish Dna To Your Dinosaurs The + Symbol Will Change To “Upgrade Camouflage To Level 2” And The Bottom Of It Shows How Many Cuttlefish Dna You Need To Upgrade To Level 2. And Yes, Every Modifying Has This, Not Only Cuttlefish DNA It Just An Example. And Not Only That, The Modifying Can Change Your Dinosaurs Attack, Defense And More Stats. And When You Reach The Maximum Level Of The Modifying You Dinosaur Will Look Cool, For An Example You Have Maximum The Level Of Aggressive In Your T-Rex, The T-Rex Will Have Natural Scars All Over It’s Body To Scared Your Opponents. And Yes, Every Dna That Is New For An Example Like The Cuttlefish DNA, Can Be Get In Tasks Like The S-Dna.

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I like this idea, but if it goes like boost in jurassic world alive, not so good.

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Yeah But, It Can Change Right? Like, Mabye Lydia Like This Idea But You Know, Change It A Little Bit To Make It Original.

I wouldn’t mind this for cosmetic reasons, but actually buffing dinos is a no for me. That would kinda ruin this game.